Pro Series LHT ™

The Cooper® PRO Series™ LHT is Cooper's premium fuel efficient trailer tire, designed for long haul applications. At 12/32nds deep, the SmartWay verified LHT utilizes an advanced compound as well as a highly engineered casing to provide the fuel efficiency and durability that your fleet requires. This low cost of ownership tire is all about savings including a casing designed and warranted for multiple retreads and a full replacement value warranty for the first 50% of treadwear.

  • LHT
Specialized low rolling resistance compound
Decoupling groove to maximize long even wear

Competitive Comparison*
Michelin X Line Energy T
Bridgestone R197/R123
Goodyear Fuelmax LHT
Continental HT3
Yokohama 109L
Firestone FT491
Hankook TL21

*Please consult vehicle manufacturer's certification labels for proper tire application information. Cooper Tire recommends you always consult a tire service professional when selecting tires for your vehicle.


Material # Tire Size Load Range Approved Rim Width Overall Diameter Overall Width Overall Width Loaded Static Loaded Radius Tread Depth (1/32") Revs Tire Weight Single Max Load Single Inflation Pressure Dual Max Load Dual Inflation Pressure
90000035155 295/75R22.5 G 8.25 - 9.00 in 39.7 in 11.3 in 12.3 18.5 12.0 522/mi 101.6 lbs 6175 lbs 110 psi 5675 lbs 110 psi
1008 mm 288 mm 312 mm 471 mm 10.0 mm 325/km 46.2 kg 2800 kg 760 kPa 2575 kg 760 kPA