Commercial Connection Magazine Spring 2021
Our Spring edition of Commercial Connection is out, and it’s loaded with stories to help with your tire program. You’ll learn about ultra-fuel-efficient tires, and we take a look at Cooper’s National Account Program — with a special profile on two account managers who are passionate about working with fleets. Those stories and more in this edition of Commercial Connection! 
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Scrap Tire Story
What can waste haul operations do to improve tire performance? They can take a look at their scrap tire pile and do some detective work. Analyzing why tires are taken out of service helps fleet managers make informed tire decisions and our own Jason Miller explains how to put a program together. 
Scrap Tire Story –

As Cooper Tire’s National Fleet Channel Sales Manager, Jason Miller and his team works daily with fleets to improve their tire programs. One important component is doing ongoing scrap tire analysis. It’s not easy work, but it pays off with big dividends in the end. Jason was recently on Fleet Equipment magazine's “Unscripted” video series and discusses the value of a scrap tire program, plus he provides some tips on how to put a program in place.
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The TBR Magazine
Read up on what’s new at Cooper Commercial Tire. Our new magazine, "Commercial Connection" features the latest news from Cooper and offers up best tire maintenance practices. 
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Proper Tire Inflation
You want to get the most out of your tires? Rule #1 keep them properly inflated. There are new ideas on how to make that happen. Cooper’s Jason Miller unveils them all as he talks with Fleet Equipment’s Jason Morgan in this unscripted video segment.
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3 Tips for Optimal Tire Maintenance
If you’re a school bus fleet, what can you do to ensure tire maintenance success? Cooper’s Phil Mosier shares his three top tips for extending tire life.
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Tires in Uniform

Manufacturing tires with no deviation between tires coming off the line is no simple feat. Phil Mosier explains how Cooper ensures its tires run true with uniform wear.
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5 Tips to Keep Tire Pressure Optimal
Maintaining proper tire inflation is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your tires. Cooper’s Jason Miller explains what you can do to make sure your tires are always running at the correct inflation level.
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Fleet Equipment Cover Story
It’s been more than two years now since Cooper brought its signature brand of commercial tires to market. As the new tire brand on the block, Cooper’s Gary Schroeder reflects on where the Cooper brand is now and where the company is headed in an exclusive interview with Fleet Equipment.
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Field Testing
Ever wonder how tire manufacturers test their tires before bringing a new product to market? Take a look behind the scenes at how Cooper goes through the process.
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Factors to Help Determine the Lifecycle of Commercial Tire Vehicles
Just as important as determining the lifecycle cost of the truck you buy, you should do the same with your tires. This article, authored by Cooper’s Phil Mosier, gives you the recipe for success in calculating true tire costs.
Factors to help determine the lifecycle of commercial tire vehicles –
The Art of Tire Design
For something that looks so simple by design, developing tires is no easy task. Take a read on why commercial tires are so complex, what Cooper does to ensure a quality design, and how tires can vary from tier-to-tier.
Art of Tire Design –

Smartway Tires: The Smart Choice
Are you running SmartWay-verified tires? If not, you’re likely missing out on significant fuel savings. Cooper’s Gary Schroeder gives the lowdown on how SmartWay-verified tires can improve your bottom-line.
SmartWay Tires: The smart choice –
  What Goes Into Truck Tire Performance Validation
Make the best decision you can when buying tires. This article uncovers what you need to do to test tires and validate what will work best in your operation. Cooper’s Phil Mosier gives his thoughts on what determines a fleet’s true cost: initial tire cost, mileage to removal, fuel efficiency, and retreadability (or casing value).
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  The Four Pillars of Your True Tire Costs
How can you determine the true cost of your tires? Cooper’s Gary Schroeder breaks down four key factors that impact tire costs.
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