Low Cost Ownership

At Cooper® Tire we know it’s all about total cost of ownership for your tire program. Value also means high utilization of your assets, including a very effective tire program. The PRO and WORK Series are competitively priced and provide a superior balance of fuel efficiency and tread wear, all built around a durable casing designed for retreadability. If your goal is low cost of ownership, the PRO and WORK Series tires from Cooper® are your answers.

SmartWay Verified

U.S. EPA’S SmartWay Transport partnership is a market-driven partnership aimed at helping businesses move goods in the cleanest most efficient way possible. Since 2004, SmartWay partners have eliminated 51.6 million metric tons of CO2, resulting in savings of 120.7 million barrels of oil and $16.8 billion in fuel costs. Cooper® Tires offers a full range of SmartWay verified tires. These tires meet the program’s stringent low-rolling resistance criteria – helping to reduce fuel consumption, ultimately cutting utility costs and benefiting the environment. Learn more about SmartWay by visiting

Scrub Guard

Frequent starts, tight turns, stops and potential curb impacts make tire needs unique and challenging. Scrub Guard technology is our answer and features proprietary compounds and proven tread designs to minimize the impact of these severe conditions.

Chip Guard

If you drive in off-road conditions or have frequent tight turns with curbs abundant on your routes, Chip Guard technology is the protection you are looking for. Chip Guard features proprietary compounds and purposeful tread patterns to minimize the impact of these severe conditions.

Final Mile
In today’s e-commerce world, we recognize that uptime is of paramount importance. The demands on your fleets’ tires are ever increasing, which is why we have developed our durable Final Mile lineup of tires. No matter the freight, our Final Mile lineup is engineered to withstand the rigors associated with urban delivery while also delivering the all season traction and handling your fleet requires.
Fuel saving technologies are continuously evolving, and at Cooper® Tire we understand its importance to you and your fleet. Through a combination of innovative compounding, tire construction and tread design, our Energy Conservation Optimization (ECO) tires offer ultra-low rolling resistance which provides increased fuel economy. ECO tires exceed the SmartWay standard requirements and deliver superior performance and savings.
Tires have passed the required industry standard certification which tests the tire’s ability to accelerate on snow and meet the requirements for severe snow performance.