Severe SeriesTM Wide Base
All-Position (WBA)

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Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
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Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
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Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)

Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)

The Cooper® SEVERE Series™ WBA is a robust 23/32nds wide base, all position tire, engineered to keep your fleet up and running in the most severe mixed service applications.  Notched circumferential grooves provide off road traction while stone ejector ledges coupled with a heavy duty casing ensure retreadability.

  • Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)
  • Wide Base </br>All-Position (WBA)

23/32nds tread depth 
5 rib design
Premium compound engineered to withstand high scrub
Durable construction for retreadability

Competitive Comparison*
Michelin XZY3
Bridgestone M864
Continental HTC1
Goodyear G296
Yokohama MY507A
Firestone FS818
Hankook AM15

*Please consult vehicle manufacturer's certification labels for proper tire application information. Cooper® Tire recommends you always consult a tire service professional when selecting tires for your vehicle.


Material # Tire Size Load Range Approved Rim Width Overall Diameter Overall Width Overall Width Loaded Static Loaded Radius Tread Depth (1/32") Revs Tire Weight Single Max Load Single Inflation Pressure Dual Max Load Dual Inflation Pressure
90000034947 385/65R22.5 L 11.75 - 12.25 in 42.4 in 15.2 in 16.5 19.6 23.0 489/mi 176.6 lbs 9920 lbs 130 psi 0 lbs 0 psi
1076 mm 387 mm 420 mm 498 mm 18.0 mm 304/km 80.3 kg 4500 kg 900 kPa 0 kg 0 kPA
90000034948 425/65R22.5 L 12.25 - 14.00 in 44.5 in 16.6 in 18 20.5 23.0 466/mi 198.1 lbs 11400 lbs 120 psi 0 lbs 0 psi
1131 mm 422 mm 458 mm 521 mm 18.0 mm 289/km 90 kg 5150 kg 830 kPa 0 kg 0 kPA