Work SeriesTM All Steel Drive (ASD)

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All Steel Drive (ASD)
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All Steel Drive (ASD)
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All Steel Drive (ASD)

All Steel Drive (ASD)
All Steel Drive (ASD)
All Steel Drive (ASD)
All Steel Drive (ASD)
The Cooper® WORK Series™ ASD is an 18/32nds (19/32nds for 245/70R19.5 size) open shoulder drive tire designed for regional and pick up and delivery applications.  All steel construction and scrub resistant compounding provide the durability your fleet requires for a multitude of applications including final mile delivery.  With Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification the Cooper® ASD provides the traction required for all weather conditions.  This Low Cost of Ownership™ tire is all about savings including a casing designed and warranted for multiple retreads and a full replacement value warranty for the first 50% of treadwear. 
  • All Steel Drive (ASD)
  • All Steel Drive (ASD)

Scrub resistant compounding
225/70R19.5 Size is N (87mph) Speed Rated
Large, durable tread blocks enhance wear and handling
Chevron grooves provide additional biting edges for traction
3PMSF certification

Competitive Comparison*
Michelin XDS2
Bridgestone M729F
Goodyear G622 RSD
Continental HD3/HDR +
Yokohama TY303/TY287
Firestone FD690 Plus
Hankook DH07

*Please consult vehicle manufacturer's certification labels for proper tire application information. Cooper® Tire recommends you always consult a tire service professional when selecting tires for your vehicle.


Material # Tire Size Load Range Approved Rim Width Overall Diameter Overall Width Overall Width Loaded Static Loaded Radius Tread Depth (1/32") Revs Tire Weight Single Max Load Single Inflation Pressure Dual Max Load Dual Inflation Pressure
90000038445 225/70R19.5 G 6.00 - 6.75 in 32.2 in 9.1 in 9.8 15 18.0 644/mi 64 lbs 3970 lbs 110 psi 3750 lbs 110 psi
818 mm 230 mm 249 mm 381 mm 14.0 mm 400/km 29.1 kg 1800 kg 760 kPa 1700 kg 760 kPA
90000038446 245/70R19.5 H 6.75 - 7.50 in 33.4 in 10 in 10.9 15.5 19.0 622/mi 71.7 lbs 4940 lbs 120 psi 4675 lbs 120 psi
847 mm 255 mm 277 mm 393 mm 15.0 mm 386/km 32.6 kg 2240 kg 825 kPa 2120 kg 825 kPA